Bitcoin: What informations you should know about BTC

A revolutionary payment system

In the midst of technological progress, Bitcoin is becoming a revolutionary payment system that does not operate under the official rules of any financial institution, which entails release from any kind of coercion by the authorities. This type of cryptocurrency can only be used for payments processed through a network of interconnected computers through a common program. Each transaction is recorded and transmitted to each computer in the system. Transactions made using Bitcoin are very fast, allowing real-time transfer, with the user having full control over the transactions they undertake.

How Bitcoin works

Being a digital unit of measurement, Bitcoin is stored in digital wallets that function like a bank account, storing funds and supporting transactions between network accounts, on an equal footing. The network accounts also have the name of the address, and the transfer from one address to another is done like sending emails, only in this case a cryptographic system with public and private key is used, in order to secure.

The public key produces the alphanumeric address provided to receive Bitcoin, while the private key is a type of password that allows the authorization of transactions by digital signature. The private key will not be shared with anyone. Thus, in order to initiate a transaction, a user opens the Bitcoin wallet, enters the public address of the recipient, and will use the private key to authorize the transaction.

Each transaction is subject to verification and will be confirmed in the blockchain and visible on all devices on the network. Thus, when you decide to take advantage of using the BTC cryptocurrency, install a Bitcoin wallet on your computer or on any device, at which point your first Bitcoin address will be generated.

You will create a new address whenever you need it. Your address can be provided to those on the network, who are helpful in receiving or making payments. The blockchain is represented by the entire Bitcoin network you will enter, the space where you have access to all transactions made.

Transactions are transfers between Bitcoin wallets. Another term you will have to get used to is processing or mining. Mining or mining is the consensual distributed system, used to confirm transactions and include them in the blockchain. This process requires chronological order and protection.

How do I buy Bitcoin?

To buy Bitcoin quickly and securely, you can use licensed online platforms. They will provide you with the necessary data to help you understand exchange rates and trading fees, positioning you in a safe and profitable space.


How many Bitcoin coins are in circulation?

The software limits the total supply of Bitcoin to 21 million. This digital unit does not have a pre-mined specimen, so there are no previous versions offered to the public with the digital launch. According to the trajectory of the BTC cryptocurrency, it is estimated that the extraction of all the 21 million digital coins could be completed only in the year 2140.

Bitcoin price

The price of Bitcoin has had an extremely spectacular trajectory, taking it on impressive ups and downs, but also on periodic collapses. In the current context, the value of BTC is given by the balance between supply and demand, being i

Bitcoin wallets

There are three types of Bitcoin wallets. The hardware wallet offers the safest option with backup and offline storage. It is a more expensive option, but it is intended to store larger amounts of Bitcoin. The software wallet is less secure than the hardware wallet, being recommended for beginners and small amounts of Bitcoin. The Bitcoin wallet and the online exchange are the variant of the hot wallet wallet and are a very easy option to use, but with a lower degree of security.

Bitcoin extraction

Currently, Bitcoin mining, a term similar to mining, is no longer available for personal computers, with miners needing specific computing units and application-specific integrated circuits and mining software to achieve high computing power. Thus, when deciding to invest in BTC cryptocurrency, you need to consider a few things. Experts do not recommend investing in BTC if you intend to make an immediate profit, but only when you are determined to make a long-term investment.

What to buy with Bitcoin

The interest in cryptocurrencies is becoming more and more obvious. These are a long-term investment. Once you have mastered the mechanisms that help you track the path of Bitcoin and make profitable transactions, you have the opportunity to make safe stocks that will project your success. BTC cryptocurrency is a currency for many services and products, so a development of your digital wallet will prove very beneficial and useful over time.

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