Helium project, huge potential?

I must say that our portfolio has already made 100% profit on HNT 3 months ago, and we decided together to take the profits, but to keep the initial investment, because Helium is a project with huge potential.

The #Helium goal so far has been to create a more robust infrastructure to support the Internet of Things (IoT) by giving devices more efficient data

The native HNT token came to financially motivate people to host #Helium hotspots. Miners are rewarded in HNT when their hotspot is pinged by other users.

A common criticism in Cryptos is that “no one will want to run their own server” – but this logic fails when it’s actually easy to set up and make money from hosting. Helium offers an easy solution for hosting, with the benefit of financial return.

Helium checks the hotspots by “location proof”. When a hotspot is set, the miner records the location. To ensure that a hotspot is set where it claims, other hotspots in the area will ping it randomly.The idea is that it is unlikely that all these hotspots, operated by different miners, will “lie” that they are in the same area at the same time.

The Helium decision to outsource hotspots to other providers was probably the basis for this growth, and Helium now has 25 makers. You can read more details here:

None of these makers dominate production, which is a good thing, especially in the case of decentralized networks (demand and supply must be distributed).

The spread of the Helium network is impressive. In context: Helium vs Verizon in the USA (Helium is only 9 years old on the market, while Verizon is 39).

For more context, this is how the population density in the USA looks like. It seems that Helium coverage has followed the population density in its spread across the country.

The ecosystem is also growing at a very fast pace. The Helium website shows 50 companies that use Helium and we expect this list to grow as the network continues to gain adoption.
Their list of roaming partners is also impressive. So far, Helium seems to have focused on IoT partnerships. But their partnership with Dish can lay the groundwork for other partnerships with multiple wireless providers.
They even have institutional support (even if it’s only local for now). Helium has created an agreement with the city of San Jose for the installation of mining antennas in disadvantaged areas, in order to lower the price of the internet. Extraordinary!

“Helium crypto” was highly sought after, especially during bullrun periods, and hotspot searches remained relatively high.

For both, the searches are 30-50 times higher than before April 2021. This shows that the interest of the community increases when the price increases, but even when the price is low, the interest has not diminished.
Twitter account @helium it also grew from 18k followers in Jan 2021 to 147k followers in Jan 2022.

Our opinion is that Helium has a HUGE potential and any investment in: their technology, in HNT token has a huge probability of return. Not financial advice.

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