Twitter Adds Ethereum Wallet Support to Tipping Feature

Ethereum wallet addresses are now in the mix for Twitter-native tipping, the company said Wednesday.

The social media giant added bitcoin tips in September. Users can now add their Ethereum wallets to the product as well. (Note: It’s only available on mobile.)

The move follows Twitter’s continued exploration of the Ethereum ecosystem. The company debuted non-fungible token (NFT) verification for paid “Twitter Blue” subscribers last month. However, Ethereum wallet support is available to all users who agree to the company’s tipping policy, a Twitter spokesperson told CoinDesk.

The spokesperson said the new feature doesn’t support Ethereum Name Service (ENS) domain names.

Tipping with ETH and ERC-20 tokens (including Ethereum-based stablecoins) will be supported, the company confirmed.

“We’re continuing to expand ways to get paid on Twitter which includes more choices for creators and fans who want to use crypto,” Johnny Winston, lead product manager of creator monetization at Twitter, told CoinDesk in a statement. “We’re excited to add the ability for anyone to add their ETH address to Tips.”

Twitter also said it made its tips feature available in Nigeria, Ghana and India.

UPDATE (Feb. 16, 19:39 UTC): Adds information about the tipping feature’s new geographies.

UPDATE (Feb. 16, 20:12 UTC): Adds quote from Twitter product manager.

UPDATE (Feb. 16, 21:34 UTC): Adds information on ERC-20 support.

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